World War I Soldier

We, Rotary Mercurius Roeselare, Belgium organize an event about World War I. Just to give you an idea about how soldiers must have felt.

The goal of this event is that you experience the soldiers’ joy, pride, emotions and fears.

Respect, friendship, brotherhood are the key elements, therefore I have chosen for historic locations such as Passchendaele Memorial, Freezenberg, Hill 62 and ’t Hoge, where the experience in trenches will be held.

We start on the 15th of October 2021 in the afternoon, to pick up your clothes. In the evening we have reserved places for the Last Post ceremony at the Menin Gate.

On the 16th of October 2021, you will have your full day soldier’s experience. You don’t need a good physical condition.
In the evening we conclude this happening with a dinner celebration in the Ypres’ Cloth Hall. Your partner is also welcome.

The benefit of this whole event is charity, which is typical of Rotary Clubs.

Let us CONNECT THE WORLD is the aim here. Participants from all over the world, with or without a story, can join us. They will have a unique and unforgettable bond with each other and feel the soldiers in their hearts.

We WON’T PLAY A WAR GAME, the experience will go far beyond this!

Everybody between 15 and 99 years old can be part of this event: companies for an incentive, a group of friends, everybody…
The number of 98 participants is the maximum capacity for this event.
So, be on time!

Dirk Rosiers




In corporation with:

Field Marshal Haig's own pipes and drums
This organisation is to the benefit of Passchendaele Archives and Last Post association.